Autism Community Workshops are open to (a) parents of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or (b) professionals who work in the Autism Field. Workshops are free of charge and will provide training in the methods of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and Verbal Behavior (VB), as well as topics related to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Workshops will be conducted in English; however, printed materials will be available in English and Spanish. Please note, there is no child care available. To RSVP please email [email protected].

2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR

Saturday, August 26th 

8:45 am: Volunteer Training with Dr. Nestor

9 am: The In’s and Out’s of SFACS

10 am: Giving my child a fighting chance for success  

11 am:  Get involved! Why?

Saturday, September 9th 

8:45 am: Volunteer Training

9 am: What is ABA at home

10 am: What is Verbal Behavior and how it is used in the School Setting 

11 am: Introducing FINE!

Saturday, September 16th 

9 am: How can taking Data help my child with ASD

10 am: Lets dig deeper. Let’s look at WHY is my child having a tantrum?


Saturday, October 7th 

9 am: What is a reinforcer

10 am: Understanding the effects of a reinforcer

11 am:  What do you do when the reinforcers are not working 

Saturday, October 14th 

9 am: Beyond the autism

10 am: A conversation with a young adult with ASD

11 am:  A conversation with  a dad with ASD 

*Wednesday, October 25th*  

1 pm: Understanding my Child’s IEP (*Mandatory ro bring a copy of your child’s IEP*) 

Saturday, October 28th 

9 am: Teaching your child how to follow  simple directions 

10 am: How to: Deal with Non-Compliant behavior in children with autism (for parents) 

Saturday, November 4th  

9 am: Strategies for children who display signs of anxiety 

10 am: increasing your and your child coping skills 

Saturday, December 2nd 

8:45 am: Volunteer Training

9 am:Discipline Strategies for Children With Autism

10 am: Autism and Property Destruction

Saturday, December 9th 

9 am: Using visual support to support your child

10 am:Ways To Help Nonverbal Child With Autism Speak

Saturday, January 13th 

8:45 am – CLUB Meeting & Snap Raise

9 am: Road to Independence

10 am: What is a task analysis?

Saturday, January 27th

8:45 am – Volunteer Training

9 am: PICA

10 am: Supporting Families In The School Setting

Saturday, February 3rd

9 am: Sibling Workshop – Must RSVP, Siblings Only 

Saturday, February 24th

8:30 am: PTSO Meeting

9 am: CPR

Saturday, March 2nd

9 am: Yoga Moderated by TBA

10 am: Talking to Neurotypical Children about Autism

11 am: Grandparents: How can I help?   

*Wednesday, March 6th

1 pm: NOVA Dental Presentation

Saturday, March 16th

9 am – 11 am:   Medical Panel

*Wednesday, April 10th

1 pm: Focusing on Appropriate Behavior

Saturday, April 13th

9 am: Financial Planning with Guest Speaker Chris Pitera

10 am: Guardianship with Guest Speaker Stephanie 

11 am: Special Needs Trust with Guest Speaker Stephanie 

Saturday, April 27th 

9 am: Preparing for My Departure

10 am: Stigma behind assisted living

11 am: What happens when I am gone

Saturday, May 4th 

9 am: If you are not okay, they are not okay.

10am: ABLE account with Guest speaker Daniel Freiman

11 am: SSI with Guest Speaker Idela Hernandez

*Wednesday, May 8th

1 pm: Safe Touch/Safe Space

Saturday, May 18th

9 am – 11 am: Safety Panel